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[PDF] Optical Communications and Networking – Prospects in Industrial Applications

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In the past two decades, Internet traffic has increased by over 10,000 times by taking advantage of both efficient information processing technology in the electronic domain and efficient transmission technology in the optical domain, which are the foundation of today’s Internet infrastructure [1,2].
The advancement of electronics processing circuits has followed Moore’s law, and perhaps will continue this exponential growth for years to come. This may make the electrical systems significantly outpace the advancement of optical systems in information and communications technologies. To support the ever-growing Internet traffic, optical communication systems face a great challenge in transporting information processed by electronic systems for sustained exponential growth. The industry has explored multiple degrees of freedom of the photon (time, wavelength, amplitude, phase, polarization, and space) to significantly reduce the cost/bit for data transmission by increasing the capacity/fiber
through multiplexing and reducing the size and power through integration.

This Special Issue aims to explore the latest advancements in the optical communication industry. The applications range from short-reach chip-to-chip interconnections to the long-haul backbone communications at the trans-oceanic distance, including the technologies used in devices, systems,
and networks levels. It focuses on state-of-the-art advances and future perspectives in commerciallydeployed systems.

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