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Industrial networks have been promoted increasingly by emerging technologies such as industrial wireless communication technologies, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, big data, etc. Given the increasing age of many industrial distributed systems and the dynamic industrial manufacturing market, intelligent and low-cost industrial automation systems are required to improve the productivity and
efficiency of such systems. The collaborative nature of industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSNs) brings several advantages over traditional wired industrial monitoring and control systems, including self-organization, rapid deployment, flexibility, and inherent intelligent-processing capability. In this regard, IWSNs play a vital role in creating a highly reliable and self-healing industrial system that rapidly responds to real-time events with appropriate actions. At broader scale, IIoT has been recognized primarily as a solution to improve operational efficiency.

Part I titled as Industrial Control Networks includes six research proposals
covering the fieldbus control networks (i.e., CAN, FlexRay, Modbus). In this part, the latest fieldbus technologies are reviewed to point out the key performance and challenges of technology application in industrial domain. This challenges open potential researches to find out breakthrough solutions. One of them is described in our research proposal, which proposed to use dual fieldbus technology, CAN and Modbus to meet the significant time delay for the distributed control system of ship

Part II of the book referred as Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks includes 11 research proposals which analyze and evaluate such networks’ applications in terms of wireless networking performances. Such aspect is highlighted by key points composed of medium access control (MAC) mechanisms, wireless communication standards for industrial field. In additions, applications of such networks from environmental sensing, condition monitoring, and process automation applications are specified. Designing appropriate networks are based on the specific requirements of applications. It points out the technological challenges of deploying WSNs
in the industrial environment as well as proposed solutions to the issues. An
extensive list of IWSN commercial solutions and service providers are provided and future trends in the field of IWSNs are summarized.

Part III named as Industrial Internet of Things mentions the state-of-the-art
technologies along with accompany challenges to realize such vision. Wide
applications of IIoT are summarized in industrial domains. Specially, adopting such technology to the Physical Internet, an emerging logistics paradigm is described in this part.

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