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[PDF] Fundamentals of Big Data Network Analysis for Research and Industry

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The concept of the book was first initiated and sponsored by the Future Steel Technology Forum, where future generations of steel researchers gathered to aggregate their knowledge to address the strategic implications of steel technology and product placement across the global trade community. Under the auspices of the Korea Iron and Steel Association, the authors initiated analysis on the steel commodity trade data and the social network relationships among the countries and products of steel currently being traded across the global frontier. From that initiation, the authors
were inspired to provide the general public, industry analysts, and students of data analysis on the methodology of big data analysis using examples of steel product trade relations.

This book is separated into six chapters. Chapter 1 defines big data and how it can be applied to business management for higher productivity and efficiency. Chapter 2 describes the various programs related to big data analysis identifying the pros and cons of the commercially available analysis programs. Chapter 3 deals with network analysis and the basic concepts of the nodes and links related to the structure of social network relations between data. As we reach Chapter 4, details of setting up the research methodology for network analysis, methods of data gathering, and
cleansing of unwarranted and unnecessary data is illustrated. In Chapter 5, the centrality analysis, which include degree of centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness centrality, is described in detail and the cohesive subgroup is presented. With the conclusion in Chapter 6, the property of the network and equivalence between node pairs or data pairs is outlined with emphasis on the connectivity of nodes. The appendix in the back of the book provides detailed examples of the network analysis performed using the NetMiner program on steel research topics from keyword analysis of journals published in Wiley.

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