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[PDF] Fuzzy Logic Type1 and Type2 Based on LabVIEW Ebook

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Fuzzy logic is widely applied in every aspect of our daily lives. Washing machines, air conditioners, and vehicles are examples of applications in which fuzzy controllers are embedded to achieve smooth, nonlinear, and robust control. Such applications depend on a system architecture that is easy to implement, rather than on a theoretically abstract and complex methodology.

Therefore, several tools, such as the NI LabVIEW PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for Windows, have been proposed to assist developers in implementing fuzzy logic systems. Some tools for this purpose can even be downloaded for free and come with a user manual. Through the use of such tools, several successful applications have been demonstrated,
which has further motivated the application of fuzzy logic in practice. However, most existing fuzzy logic applications in practice use ordinal fuzzy sets. Other fuzzy set types, such as interval-valued fuzzy sets, type-2 fuzzy sets, and hesitant fuzzy sets, have seldom been used.

This book presents fuzzy logic and LabVIEW FGPA for designing fuzzy logic controllers. This is a book for implementing fuzzy logic controllers in LabVIEW FPGAs.
Despite the FPGA’s attractive features, their adoption by industrial control and signal processing engineers has been slower than processors and DSPs. This is due to several factors.

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