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[PDF] LabVIEW based Automation Guide for Microwave Measurements

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At times, the proper use of a synchronized set of instruments becomes indispensable for scientists and engineers in developing an accurate measurement or test setup. Also, the need for automated execution is always felt in day-to-day work in measurement laboratories for faster execution and reduced manual interference in the measurement process. If we consider the microwave measurements, in particular, it involves the use of advanced electronics, embedded systems, and microcontrollers.

Proper use of such advanced devices in synchronization becomes important for the development of measurement facilities in laboratories such as NMIs and defense research institutes, where accuracy and precision play one of the
most crucial roles. This book guides the readers for developing a standalone graphical user interface (GUI) and explains the software development process for effective microwave measurements. An effort is made to develop such a software application, which is independent of the measurement setup and measurand, i.e., the quantities intended to be measured.

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