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What Are Industrial Networks?

When we speak of industrial network security, we are referring to the rapidly expanding field that is concerned with how to keep industrial networks secure, and, by implication, how to keep the people, processes, and equipment that depend on them secure. Secure means free from harm or potential harm, whether it be physical or cyber damage to the
industrial network components themselves, or the resultant disruption or damage to things that depend on the correct functioning of industrial networks to meet production, quality, and safety criteria.

Harm to industrial networks and to the related people, processes, or equipment might be through the following:

+ Malicious Acts – Deliberate acts to disrupt service or to cause incorrect
functioning of industrial networks. These might range from a “denial-of-service” attack against a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) server to the deliberate downloading of a modified ladder logic program to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

+ Accidental Events – These may be anything from a “fat-fingered” employee hitting the wrong key and crashing a server to a power line surge.

-To illustrate the distinction, let’s say we have a disgruntled employee who vents his anger in a chemical plant and:

+ 1. turns a virus loose on the computer workstation that runs the HMI
software, allowing the virus to spread through the industrial network;

+ 2. takes a pipe wrench and breaks a liquid level sight glass on a storage tank, causing the liquid to leak out on the floor;

+ 3 pries open the door to an SIS system controller box and disables the
overpressure shutdown by installing jumpers between isolated conductors and bypassing the audible alarms.

  • The ebook consists of 10 chapters:

+ Chapter 1.0 Industrial Network Security

+ Chapter 2.0 A Security Backgrounder

+ Chapter 3.0 COTS and Connectivity

+ Chapter 4.0 Cybersecurity in a Nutshell

+ Chapter 5.0 Countermeasures

+ Chapter 6.0 Cyberdefense Part I — Design and Planning

+ Chapter 7.0 Cyberdefense Part II — Technology

+ Chapter 8.0 Cyberdefense Part III — People, Policies, and Security Assurance

+ Chapter 9.0 New Topics in Industrial Network Security

+ Chapter 10.0 Defending Industrial Networks—Case Histories

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