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[PDF] Planning Guide For Power Distribution Plants design, Implementation and Operation of Industrial Networks

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Industrial distribution networks must be reliable enough to ensure that the production and process engineering processes they serve can function efficiently, reliably and with the highest possible quality. This is only possible if the planning decisons made for industrial networks meet all the process requirements for power consumption, supply reliability and voltage quality in a technically optimum and efficient way. Because
of their complexity and their far-reaching implications for the supply quality and energy efficiency, planning decisions made in the design, dimensioning and operation of networks must be reached in a particularly responsible and judicious way. This is crucial as the true technical risks are often concealed by the complexity of the planning task at hand. If cost-saving potential is also to be exploited, technical risks can only be avoided with competent planning solutions, that is, using the available process expertise and knowledge of the industry technology, technical knowledge about networks and plants, in-depth product knowledge and sound knowledge of the applicable standards and specifications.

With this aim in mind, this guide attempts to convey the solution competence gained in many years of practical work on process-related design, dimensioning and operation of safe and efficient industrial power systems in a simple and understandable way.
While Part A discusses the relevant basis of planning, Part B and Part C offer planning recommendations for medium-voltage and low-voltage industrial power systems. These recommendations also provide details of switchgear and protection equipment for networks as well as the interrelationship between the voltage levels (110 kV, MV, LV).

Recommendations for the design and operation of power systems and the selection and parameteriziation of protection equipment are not always stipulated in standards and specifications. In many cases, they have emerged from many years of positive operating experience and practical expertise. Because regulations can only be applied to strategic network planning to a limited degree and planning conditions can vary greatly,
some of the recommendations in this guide do offer a certain margin for discretion. It is in the nature of the matter that discrepancies arise within this discretionary margin between the planning recommendations and procedures in specific branches of industry.

This book addresses engineers and technicians working in industrial power engineering, in industrial companies and planning offices. It also helps students and graduates to familiarize themselves with the subject matter.

This planning guide evolved from an idea by the management of the Power Distribution Solutions Business Segment in the Siemens Energy Sector. I would like to thank all involved members of management expressly for their support in the realization of this book project. Many thanks also go to Wolfgang Fruth for his co-authorship of Section C of this book. I am also much indebted to Ursula Dorn who provided competent and committed support with the electronic preparation of the manuscript. And, last but not
least, I would like to thank Dr. Gerhard Seitfudem for the fruitful editorial collaboration.

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