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[PDF] Engineering Systems and Networks The Way Ahead for Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

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This bookseries provides a means for the dissemination of current theoretical and applied research in the areas of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management.
The latest methodological and computational advances that both researchers and practitioners can widely apply to solve new and classical problems in industries and organizations constitute a growing source of publications written for and by our readership.

The aim of this bookseries is to facilitate the dissemination of current research in thefollowing topics:

+ Strategy and Enterpreneurship

+ Operations Research, Modelling and Simulation

+ Operations Research, Modelling and Simulation

+ Quality Management

+ Product Management

+ Sustainability and Ecoefficiency

+ Industrial Marketing and Consumer Behavior

+ Knowledge and Project Management

+ Risk Management

+ Service Systems

+ Healthcare Management

+ Human Factors and Ergonomics

+ Emergencies and Disaster Management

+ Education

  • This book consists of 39 parts:

+ 1 A Simulation-Based Analysis of a Cork Transformation System

+ 2 Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to Predict Shutdown Maintenance

+ 3 Forecasting Cloud Computing: Producing a Technological Profile

+ 4 Modelling the Strategies Alignment Process in the Collaborative Network Context

+ 5 The Role of Complexity and Flexibility of the Instance in the Joint Solution Approach

+ 6 Towards Increasing Sustainability in Large Urban Mobility Attractors

+ 7 Stock Market Firm Value Effects of Research and Development Expenditures in the Oil and Gas Industry

+ 8 A Decision Support Framework for Production Flow Coordination Using Supply Chain Management Practices, Ordering Systems and Modeling Techniques

+ 9 A Greedy Primal-Dual Type Heuristic to Select an Inventory Control Policy

+ 10 A Model that Integrates Direct and Reverse Flows in Omnichannel Logistics Networks

+ 11 A Nonlinear Integer Programming Model for Warehousing Sustainable Logistics

+ 12 A Reference Framework to Design Inventory Policies Using a Fill Rate Criterion in Lost Sales Contexts

+ 13 Contribution of Lean Principles in the Information Systems Development: An Experience Based on a Practical Case

+ 14 Data-Driven SKU Differentiation Framework for Supply Chain Management

+ 15 Deploying “Packaging Logistics” in Paper Napkins

+ 16 Differentiation of the Difficulty Level of Supply Chain Management Integration Actions

+ 17 Establishing a Link Between Lean Practices and Corporate Sustainability

+ 18 Explaining Alliance Success Factors in Spanish Food and Beverage Supply Chain: Case Analysis

+ 19 How to Design an Efficient and Sustainable Box?

+ 20 Interoperability Frameworks in Public Administration Domain: Focus on Enterprise Assessment

+ 21 Main Factors Affecting the Development of Interorganizational Partnerships in Biodiesel Supply Chain in Brazil

+ 22 Productivity Improvement, Considering Legal Conditions and Just in Time Principles in the Mixed-Model Sequencing Problem

+ 23 Proposal of a Framework for Assessing Environmental Performance of Supply Chains

+ 24 Root Cause Identification of Existing Barriers Detected by People with Disabilities in Air Transport

+ 25 Spare Parts Inventory Management Using Quantitative and Qualitative Classification

+ 26 Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Case Study

+ 27 Transport KPIs for Supply Chain Improvement. A Literature Analysis

+ 28 Using Big Data for Competitive Dimensions Improvement in a Telco Company

+ 29 Reduction of Drying Process Time of Natural Cork Stoppers Process in Lean Improvement Efforts

+ 30 Waste Types in People Processing Services

+ 31 Characterising Knowledge Workers’ Job Positions

+ 32 Information Quality in Companies Committed to TQM

+ 33 Performance Measurement Systems for Designing and Managing Interoperability Performance Measures: A Literature Analysis

+ 34 Systematic Analysis of Economic Viability with Stochastic Approach: A Proposal for Investment

+ 35 Thermal Comfort Field Study Based on Adaptive Comfort Theory in Non-residential Buildings

+ 36 Agents Playing the Beer Distribution Game: Solving the Dilemma Through the Drum-Buffer-Rope Methodology

+ 37 Organizational Engineering: The Emerging Stage of Industrial Engineering

+ 38 Perception of the Evolution of Industrial Engineering Areas Based on the Brazilian ENADE-INEP Assessment System

+ 39 The Skateboard Manufacturing Company: A Teaching Case on Production Planning and Control

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