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[PDF] Mechatronics Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 6th Edition

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The term mechatronics was ‘invented’ by a Japanese engineer in 1969, as
a combination of ‘mecha’ from mechanisms and ‘tronics’ from electronics.
the word now has a wider meaning, being used to describe a philosophy in
engineering technology in which there is a co-ordinated, and concurrently
developed, integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and
intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of products
and processes. as a result, many products which used to have mechanical
functions have had many replaced with ones involving microprocessors. this has resulted in much greater flexibility, easier redesign and reprogramming, and the ability to carry out automated data collection and reporting.

A consequence of this approach is the need for engineers and technicians
to adopt an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to engineering.
thus engineers and technicians need skills and knowledge that are not
confined to a single subject area. they need to be capable of operating and
communicating across a range of engineering disciplines and linking with
those having more specialised skills. this book is an attempt to provide
a basic background to mechatronics and provide links through to more
specialised skills.

The sixth edition has involved a restructuring of the constituent parts
of the book as some users felt that the chapter sequencing did not match
the general teaching sequence. thus the new edition has involved moving
the system models part so that it comes after microprocessor systems. other
changes include the inclusion of material on arduino and the addition of
more topics in the Mechatronics systems chapter.

Each chapter of the book includes objectives, and a summary, is copiously
illustrated and contains problems, answers to which are supplied at the end
of the book. chapter 24 comprises research and design assignments together with clues as to their possible answers.

  • The structure of the book is:

+ Chapter 1 is a general introduction to mechatronics;

+ Chapters 2–6 form a coherent block on sensors and signal conditioning;

+ Chapters 7–9 cover actuators;

+ Chapters 10–16 discuss microprocessor/microcontroller systems;

+ Chapters 17– 23 are concerned with system models;

+ Chapter 24 provides an overall conclusion in considering the design of
mechatronic systems.

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