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[PDF] Control and Mechatronics – The Industrial Electronics Handbook

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The field of industrial electronics covers a plethora of problems that must be solved in industrial practice. Electronic systems control many processes that begin with the control of relatively simple devices like electric motors, through more complicated devices such as robots, to the control of entire fabrication processes. An industrial electronics engineer deals with many physical phenomena as well as the sensors that are used to measure them. Thus, the knowledge required by this type of engineer is not only
traditional electronics but also specialized electronics, for example, that required for high-power applications. The importance of electronic circuits extends well beyond their use as a final product in that they are also important building blocks in large systems, and thus the industrial electronics engineer must also possess knowledge of the areas of control and mechatronics. Since most fabrication processes are relatively complex, there is an inherent requirement for the use of communication systems that not only link the various elements of the industrial process but are also tailor-made for the specific industrial environment. Finally, the efficient control and supervision of factories require the application of intelligent systems in a hierarchical structure to address the needs of all components employed in the production process. This need is accomplished through the use of intelligent systems such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary methods. The Industrial Electronics Handbook addresses all
these issues and does so in five books outlined as follows:

+ 1. Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics
+ 2. Power Electronics and Motor Drives
+ 3. Control and Mechatronics
+ 4. Industrial Communication Systems
+ 5. Intelligent Systems

  • This ebook consists of 39 chapters:

Chapter 1 Nonlinear Dynamics

Chapter 2 Basic Feedback Concept

Chapter 3 Stability Analysis

Chapter 4 Frequency-Domain Analysis of Relay Feedback Systems

Chapter 5 Linear Matrix Inequalities in Automatic Control

Chapter 6 Motion Control Issues

Chapter 7 New Methodology for Chatter Stability Analysis in Simultaneous Machining

Chapter 8 Internal Model Control

Chapter 9 Dynamic Matrix Control

Chapter 10 PID Control

Chapter 11 Nyquist Criterion

Chapter 12 Root Locus Method

Chapter 13 Variable Structure Control Techniques

Chapter 14 Digital Control

Chapter 15 Phase-Lock-Loop-Based Control

Chapter 16 Optimal Control

Chapter 17 Time-Delay Systems

Chapter 18 AC Servo Systems

Chapter 19 Predictive Repetitive Control with Constraints

Chapter 20 Backstepping Control

Chapter 21 Sensors

Chapter 22 Soft Computing Methodologies in Sliding Mode Control

Chapter 23 Adaptive Estimation

Chapter 24 Observers in Dynamic Engineering Systems

Chapter 25 Disturbance Observation–Cancellation Technique

Chapter 26 Ultrasonic Sensors

Chapter 27 Robust Exact Observation and Identification via High-Order Sliding Modes

Chapter 28 Modeling for System Control

Chapter 29 Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics

Chapter 30 State-Space Approach to Simulating Dynamic Systems in SPICE

Chapter 31 Iterative Learning Control for Torque Ripple Minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

Chapter 32 Precise Position Control of Piezo Actuator

Chapter 33 Hardware-in-the- Loop Simulation

Chapter 34 Introduction to Mechatronic Systems

Chapter 35 Actuators in Robotics and Automation Systems

Chapter 36 Robot Qualities

Chapter 37 Robot Vision

Chapter 38 Robot Path Planning

Chapter 39 Mobile Robots

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