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[PDF] Mechatronics and Control of Electromechanical Systems

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With an emergence of new technologies, a mechatronic paradigm has become increasingly important in the design of electromechanical and mechanical systems [1–9]. These systems are used in cars, consumer electronic devices, energy and power systems, flight vehicles, robots, medical devices, etc.
Electromechanical systems comprise electromechanical motion devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), sensors, transducers, microelectronic and electronic components, etc. Devices, components, modules, and subsystems are designed, fabricated, and integrated using different technologies. Enabling mechatronic-centric technologies and advanced electromechanical systems are critical in various applications.
The high-performance electromechanical systems are designed and fabricated using new paradigms, such as information technology, MEMS, nanoscale microelectronics, and nanotechnology.
A spectrum of challenges and open problems in system and technology integrations may be solved using mechatronics. These grand challenges, as well as a drastic increase in user-configured electromechanical systems, result in the need for basic, applied, and experimental findings.
Hence, basic engineering physics, underlying engineering design, application-specific findings, new technologies, and physical implementation are covered in this textbook. Applied and experimental
results, control premises, and enabling hardware solutions are reported.

The major objective of this book is to empower engineering design and enable a deep understanding of engineering underpinnings and integrated technologies. The modern description of electromechanics, electromechanical motion devices, electronics, MEMS, and control are provided.
This book covers the frontiers of electromechanical engineering and science by applying basic theory, emerging technologies, advanced software, and enabling hardware. We demonstrate the application of the underlying fundamentals in designing systems. This book is aimed to: (1) Consistently cover engineering science and engineering design; (2) Educate and help one to develop strong problem-solving skills and design proficiency; (3) Ensure an in-depth presentation and consistent
coverage; (4) Empower the end user with the adequate knowledge in concurrent engineering. Recent innovations and discoveries are reported. The emerging technologies and enabling hardware further enable mechatronics, and the recent developments are empowered by mechatronics.

This textbook fosters adequate knowledge and expertise generation, retention, and use. A wide range of worked-out problems, examples, and solutions are treated thoroughly. This bridges the gap between the theory, practical problems, and hardware–software codesign. Step by step, one is
guided from theoretical foundation to advanced application and implementation. To enable analysis, MATLAB® and Simulink® with various application-specific environments and toolboxes are used.
The book demonstrates the MATLAB capabilities, helps one to master this environment, studies examples, and helps increase designer productivity by showing how to apply the advanced software. MATLAB offers a set of capabilities to effectively solve a variety of problems. One can modify
the studied problems and apply the reported results to application-specific practical problems. Our results provide the solutions for various modeling, simulation, control, optimization, and other problems.

  • This ebook consists of 8 chapters:

+ Chapter 1 Mechatronic and Electromechanical Systems

+ Chapter 2 Mechanics and Electromagnetics: Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation

+ Chapter 3 Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Motion Devices

+ Chapter 4 Permanent-Magnet Direct-Current Motion Devices and Actuators

+ Chapter 5 Induction Motors

+ Chapter 6 Synchronous Machines in Electromechanical and Energy Systems

+ Chapter 7 Electronics and Power Electronics: Signal Processing, Filtering, Data Analysis, and Data Analytics

+ Chapter 8 Control of Electromechanical Systems

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