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[PDF] Automating with SIMATIC S7-400 inside TIA Portal with STEP 7 Professional – Ebook Free

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The SIMATIC automation system unites all the subsystems of an automation solution under a uniform system architecture to form a homogenous whole from the field level right up to process control.

The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept permits uniform handling of all automation components using a single system platform and tools with uniform operator interfaces. These requirements are fulfilled by the SIMATIC automation system, which provides uniformity for configuration, programming, data management, and communication.

This book describes the hardware components of the SIMATIC S7-400 automation system with standard controllers, and the features provided for designing a distributed control concept with PROFIBUS and PROFINET. To permit communication with other automation systems, the controllers offer integrated bus interfaces for multipoint interface (MPI), PROFIBUS, and Industrial Ethernet.

The STEP 7 Professional engineering software makes it possible to use the complete functionality of the S7-400 controllers. STEP 7 Professional is the common tool for hardware configuration, generation of the user program, and for program testing and diagnostics.

STEP 7 Professional provides five languages for generation of the user program: Ladder logic (LAD) with a graphic representation similar to a circuit diagram, function block diagram (FBD) with a graphic representation based on electronic circuitry systems, statement list (STL) with formulation of the control task as a list of commands at machine level, a high-level Structured Control Language (SCL) similar to Pascal, and finally GRAPH as a sequencer with sequential processing of the user program.

STEP 7 Professional supports testing of the user program by means of watch tables for monitoring, control and forcing of tag values, by representation of the program with the current tag values during ongoing operation, and by offline simulation of the programmable controller.

This book describes the configuration, programming, and testing of the S7-400 automation system with the STEP 7 Professional engineering software Version 11 with Service Pack 4.

  • The content of the book includes 18 parts:

1 – Introduction

2 – SIMATIC S7-400 automation system

3 – Device configuration

4 – Tags, addressing, and data types

5 – Program execution

6 – Program editor

7 – Ladder logic LAD

8 – Function block diagram FBD

9 – Statement list STL

10 – Structured Control Language SCL

11 – S7 GRAPH sequential control

12 – Basic functions

13 – Digital functions

14 – Program flow control

15 – Online operation and program test

16 – Distributed I/O

17 – Communication

18 – Appendix

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