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[PDF] Practical Industrial Programming usingI EC-61131-3 for PLCs

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On completing the study of this chapter, you will learn:

• The basics of Programmable controllers and their role in modem industry
• The need for standardization of PLC languages
• A review of the programming approach prevailing before the evolution of
the standard and its shortcomings
• The features of lEC 1131-3 and its contribution towards qualitative
improvements to control software
• Move towards open vendor independent systems and software portability

The standard uses the acronym of PC while referring to Programmable Controllers, but in deference to the common use of this abbreviation for the Personal Computer, we will use the term PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) in this manual instead of pc. This is in spite of the fact that the scope of present day programmable controllers extends beyond the conventional interlocking function and includes highly complex control requirements.

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