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[PDF] Building Arduino PLCs The essential techniques you need to develop Arduino-based PLCs

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A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer that continuously monitors or scans the state of input devices and controls the state of output devices based on a custom program. A basic industrial PLC typically consists of an embedded computer, inputs, outputs, and a power supply with battery backup. They usually automate industrial electromechanical processes.

Arduino Development Environment can be used to build functional PLCs that can be used with some industrial automation and process control. You’ll learn how to choose appropriate components for various parts of the PLC, such as the CPU, inputs, outputs, network interfaces, power supplies, and battery backups.

This chapter provides a comprehensive shopping guide to purchasing various assembled printed circuit boards, some of the hardware components (active and passive), and setting up your development environment to make all the projects discussed in the
chapters in the book.

We’ll provide an array of manufacturers and suppliers, but the products may have same core functionalities and slightly different features. A good example is the Arduino UNO board that comes with different features depending on the manufacturer, but uses the same Arduino UNO bootloader.

  • This ebook consists of 9 chapters:

+ Chapter 1: Getting Ready for the Development Environment

+ Chapter 2: Arduino, Ethernet, and WiFi

+ Chapter 3: Arduino at Heart

+ Chapter 4: Your First Arduino PLC

+ Chapter 5: Building with an ArduiBox

+ Chapter 6: Writing PLC-Style Applications with plcLib

+ Chapter 7: Modbus

+ Chapter 8: Mapping PLCs into the Cloud Using the NearBus Cloud Connector

+ Chapter 9: Building a Better PLC

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