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[PDF] Automating with SIMATIC S7-1200 by Step7 Basic + WinCC Basic

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The SIMATIC automation system unites all the subsystems of an automation solution under a uniform system architecture to form a homogenous whole from the field level right up to process control.

The Totally Integrated Automation concept permits uniform handling of all automation components using a single system platform and tools with uniform operator interfaces. These requirements are fulfilled by the SIMATIC automation system which provides uniformity for configuration, programming, data management and communication .

This book describes the newly developed SIMATIC S7-1200 automation system. The S7-1200 programmable controllers are of compact design and allow modular expansion. Many small applications can be solved using the CPU module with on-board I/O. The technological functions integrated in the CPU module mean that extremely versatile use of the device is possible. Two established programming languages are available for solving automation tasks: ladder logic (LAD) and function block diagram (FBD).

New SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels have been designed for operator control and monitoring appropriate to the S7-1200 programmable controllers, and provide a performance and functionality optimized for small applications. A touch screen with various monitor sizes and coordinated communication over Industrial Ethernet are ideal prerequisites for interaction with S7-1200.

The STEP 7 Basic engineering software makes it possible to use all S7-1200 controller options. STEP 7 Basic is the common tool for hardware configuration, generation of the control program, and for debugging and diagnostics. The SIMATIC WinCC Basic configuration software included in STEP 7 Basic is used to configure the Basic Panels. Modern and intuitive user guidance allows efficient and task-oriented engineering of control and visualization devices.

This book describes the S7-1200 automation system with S7-1200 programmable controllers and HMI Basic Panels. The description focuses on the generation of the control program using STEP 7 Basic engineering software Version 11 SP2.

  • This ebook consists of 17 parts:

+ 1 Introduction

+ 2 SIMATIC S7-1200 automation system

+ 3 Device configuration

+ 4 Variables and data types

+ 5 Edit user program

+ 6 Program editor

+ 7 Ladder logic LAD

+ 8 Function block diagram FBD

+ 9 Structured Control Language SCL

+ 10 Basic functions

+ 11 Digital functions

+ 12 Program flow control

+ 13 Online operation, diagnostics and debugging

+ 14 Distributed I/O

+ 15 Communication

+ 16 Visualization

+ 17 Appendix

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