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[PDF] Automating with SIMATIC S7-300 inside TIA Portal with STEP 7 Professional – 2nd edition

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SIMATIC S7-300 is the modular mini PLC system for the lower and medium performance ranges (Fig. 1.1). Different versions of the controllers allow the performance to be matched to the respective application. Depending on the requirements, the programmable controller can be expanded by input/output modules for digital and analog signals in up to four racks with eight modules each.

Further expansion with input/output modules is made possible by the distributed I/O over PROFIBUS or PROFINET. Special designs of these modules for increased mechanical demands allow their installation directly on site on the machine or plant.
STEP 7 is used to configure and program the SIMATIC S7-300 controllers. Data exchange between the controllers, the distributed I/O, and the programming device is carried out over SIMATIC NET .

– This book consists of 18 parts:

+ 1: Introduction

+ 2: SIMATIC S7-300 automation system

+ 3 Device configuration

+ 4: Tags, addressing, and data types

+ 5: Program execution

+ 6: Program editor

+ 7: Ladder logic LAD

+ 8: Function block diagram FBD

+ 9: Statement list STL

+ 10: Structured Control Language SCL

+ 11: 11 S7-GRAPH sequential control

+ 12: Basic functions

+ 13: Digital functions

+ 14: Program flow control

+ 15: Online operation and program test

+ 16: Distributed I/O

+ 17: Communication

+ 18: Appendix

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