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[PDF] Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 1 Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Switches, Encoders, Relays, Transistors

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Datasheets are indispensable, but they have limitations. Some are detailed; others are skimpy. Some show you sample schematics as a guide to using a component; many don’t. None of them tells you much about how a component works, because that’s not their purpose. Often they don’t mention other components that must be added. Some datasheets for DC-DC converters, for instance, say nothing at all about bypass capacitors, even though the capacitors may be essential. A datasheet for an optocoupler says
nothing about the pullup resistor required by the open-collector output.
Datasheets don’t facilitate comparison shopping. A datasheet from one manufacturer will not compare its products with those from another
manufacturer, and may not even provide much guidance about alternatives that are available from the same manufacturer. For example, a datasheet for a linear voltage regulator won’t suggest that you might do better to use a DC-DC converter in an application where high efficiency is important.

Most of all, datasheets don’t tell you how to avoid common mistakes. What actually happens if you connect that tantalum capacitor the wrong way
around? A datasheet gives you the customary list of absolute maximum values, and after that, you are on your own, burning things out, encountering mysterious electronic behavior, and discovering limitations that are so well known, the datasheet didn’t bother to mention them. In my experience, relying on datasheets creates a significant risk of reinventing the wheel.

  • The ebook consists of 29 chapters:

Chapter 1. How to Use This Book

Chapter 2. battery

Chapter 3. jumper

Chapter 4. fuse

Chapter 5. pushbutton

Chapter 6. switch

Chapter 7. rotary switch

Chapter 8. rotational encoder

Chapter 9. relay

Chapter 10. resistor

Chapter 11. potentiometer

Chapter 12. capacitor

Chapter 13. variable capacitor

Chapter 14. inductor

Chapter 15. AC-AC transformer

Chapter 16. AC-DC power supply

Chapter 17. DC-DC converter

Chapter 18. DC-AC inverter

Chapter 19. voltage regulator

Chapter 20. electromagnet

Chapter 21. solenoid

Chapter 22. DC motor

Chapter 23. AC motor

Chapter 24. servo motor

Chapter 25. stepper motor

Chapter 26. diode

Chapter 27. unijunction transistor

Chapter 28. bipolar transistor

Chapter 29. field effect transistor

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