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[PDF] Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 LEDs, LCDs, Audio, Thyristors, Digital Logic, and Amplification

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This is the second of three volumes. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the most commonly used electronic components, for reference by students, engineers, hobbyists, and instructors.
While you can find much of this information dispersed among datasheets, introductory books, websites, and technical resources maintained by
manufacturers, the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components gathers all the relevant facts in one place, properly organized and verified, including
details that may be hard to find elsewhere. Each entry includes typical applications, possible substitutions, cross-references to similar devices,
sample schematics, and a list of common problems and errors.
You can find a more detailed rationale for this encyclopedia in the Preface to Volume 1.

  • The book consists of 30 chapters:

Chapter 1. SCR

Chapter 2. diac

Chapter 3. triac

Chapter 4. solid-state relay

Chapter 5. optocoupler

Chapter 6. comparator

Chapter 7. op-amp

Chapter 8. digital potentiometer

Chapter 9. timer

Chapter 10. logic gate

Chapter 11. flip-flop

Chapter 12. shift register

Chapter 13. counter

Chapter 14. encoder

Chapter 15. decoder

Chapter 16. multiplexer

Chapter 17. LCD

Chapter 18. incandescent lamp

Chapter 19. neon bulb

Chapter 20. fluorescent light

Chapter 21. laser

Chapter 22. LED indicator

Chapter 23. LED area lighting

Chapter 24. LED display

Chapter 25. vacuum-fluorescent display

Chapter 26. electroluminescence

Chapter 27. transducer

Chapter 28. audio indicator

Chapter 29. headphone

Chapter 30. speaker

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