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As you may know, the first edition of The Control Handbook was very well received. Many copies were sold and a gratifying number of people took the time to tell me that they found it useful. To the publisher, these are all reasons to do a second edition. To the editor of the first edition, these same facts are a modest disincentive. The risk that a second edition will not be as good as the first one is real and worrisome. I have tried very hard to insure that the second edition is at least as good as the first one was. I hope you
agree that I have succeeded.

I have made two major changes in the second edition. The first is that all the Applications chapters are new. It is simply a fact of life in engineering that once a problem is solved, people are no longer as interested in it as they were when it was unsolved. I have tried to find especially inspiring and exciting applications for this second edition.

Secondly, it has become clear to me that organizing the Applications book by academic discipline is no longer sensible. Most control applications are interdisciplinary. For example, an automotive control system that involves sensors to convert mechanical signals into electrical ones, actuators that convert electrical signals into mechanical ones, several computers and a communication network to link sensors and actuators to the computers does not belong solely to any specific academic area. You will notice that
the applications are now organized broadly by application areas, such as automotive and aerospace.

One aspect of this new organization has created a minor and, I think, amusing problem. Several wonderful applications did not fit into my new taxonomy. I originally grouped them under the title Miscellaneous. Several authors objected to the slightly pejorative nature of the term “miscellaneous.” I agreed with them and, after some thinking, consulting with literate friends and with some of the library resources, I have renamed that section “Special Applications.” Regardless of the name, they are all interesting and important and I hope you will read those articles as well as the ones that did fit my organizational scheme.

  • The book is divided into 34 sections, including:

+ 1 Linear Parameter-Varying Control of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Automotive and Aerospace Controls

+ 2 Powertrain Control

+ 3 Vehicle Controls

+ 4 Model-Based Supervisory Control for Energy Optimization of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

+ 5 Purge Scheduling for Dead-Ended Anode Operation of PEM Fuel Cells

+ 6 Aerospace Real-Time Control System and Software

+ 7 Stochastic Decision Making and Aerial Surveillance Control Strategies for Teams of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

+ 8 Control Allocation

+ 9 Swarm Stability

+ 10 Control of Machine Tools and Machining Processes

+ 11 Process Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

+ 12 Control of Polymerization Processes

+ 13 Multiscale Modeling and Control of Porous Thin Film Growth

+ 14 Control of Particulate Processes

+ 15 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Batch Processes

+ 16 The Use of Multivariate Statistics in Process Control

+ 17 Plantwide Control

+ 18 Automation and Control Solutions for Flat Strip Metal Processing

+ 19 Model-Based Control of Biochemical Reactors

+ 20 Robotic Surgery

+ 21 Stochastic Gene Expression: Modeling, Analysis, and Identification

+ 22 Modeling the Human Body as a Dynamical System: Applications to Drug Discovery and Development

+ 23 Control of Brushless DC Motors

+ 24 Hybrid Model Predictive Control of the Boost Converter

+ 25 The SNR Approach to Networked Control

+ 26 Optimization and Control of Communication Networks

+ 27 Advanced Motion Control Design

+ 28 Color Controls: An Advanced Feedback System

+ 29 The Construction of Portfolios of Financial Assets: An Application of Optimal Stochastic Control

+ 30 Earthquake Response Control for Civil Structures

+ 31 Quantum Estimation and Control

+ 32 Motion Control of Marine Craft

+ 33 Control of Unstable Oscillations in Flows

+ 34 Modeling and Control of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

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