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SIMATIC Automation Tool V4 (Google Drive)

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SIMATIC Automation Tool V4 is Siemens software used to configure Siemens PLC without installing TIA-Portal

Thanks to that, in some cases it is not necessary to tait TIA-Portal, we can use this software because it is very light (~ 300MB) so the installation is extremely fast and still meets the simple tasks.

Operating Systems that support AutomationTool V4

+ Microsoft Windows 7

+ Microsoft Windows 8

+ Microsoft Windows 8.1

+ Microsoft Windows 10

+ Microsoft Windows Server

General feature Overview

● Scan the network and create a table that maps the accessible devices on the network
● Flash device LEDs or HMI screens to physically locate a device
● Download addresses (IP, subnet, gateway) to a device
● Download PROFINET name (station name) to a device
● Put a CPU in RUN or STOP mode
● Set the time in a CPU to the current time in your PG/PC (Programmer/Personal Computer)
● Download a new program to a CPU or HMI device
● Upload, download, or delete Recipe data from a CPU
● Upload or delete Data log data from a CPU
● Backup/Restore data to/from a backup file for CPU and HMI device
● Upload service data from a CPU
● Read the diagnostic buffer of a CPU
● Perform a CPU Memory reset
● Reset devices to factory default values
● Download a firmware update to a device

Link Download SIMATIC Automation Tool V4

+ Download Siemens SIMATIC Automation Tool V4

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