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[Download] Factory IO V2.5.4 Full Active

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Factory IO is known as a software that helps you design and simulate an automation control system in a 3D environment. Besides, Factory IO also helps you connect and simulate (Debug) PLC programs easily.

For those of you who do not have the conditions to buy hardware equipment such as: PLC, engine, cylinder, sensor… this will be an effective way to learn PLC by yourself.

Factory IO provides a full range of 3D models of equipment commonly used in industrial plants such as conveyors, sensors, elevators, robots, cylinders, indicator lights, electrical cabinets….

A very useful feature for those of you who want to learn PLC by yourself is: Factory IO can connect and simulate PLC programs of many different brands such as: Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider… connections such as: Control I/O, Modbus TCP/IP Client, Modbus TCP/IP Server, OPC Client DA/UA.

Outstanding Features available on Factory IO

  • Library of most industrial equipment: Create a virtual factory using industrial parts available in the library, including sensors, conveyors, elevators, stations and more
  • 3D Construction: It’s easy to build 3D scenes with high realism.
  • Use digital values ​​to operate equipment in a virtual factory, weigh items, or control liquid levels.‎
  • ‎Factory I/O uses drivers to communicate with PLCs, SoftPLCs, PLC emulation, Modbus, and many other technologies.
  • Practice troubleshooting using Always On and Always Off commands in sensors and actuators

Factory IO V2.5.4 Software Installation Guide

+ Step 1: Download the software and extract it with the password “”

+ Step 2: Run the file “factory io-installer-latest” to install the software

+ Step 3: Accept the license agreement.

+ Step 4: Select the software installation location

+ Step 5: Select “Next” to start the installation process

+ Step 6: Wait for the installation to take place in a few minutes

+ Step 7: Waiting Factory IO V2.5.4 software installation finish

+ Step 8: Copy the file “Factory IO 2.5.4 Patch File“

+ Step 9: Open the installation folder “Factory IO V2.5.4”

+ Step 10: Paste and Run the patch file

>>> Link Download Software (GoogleDrive – Easy for Download)

+ Download Factory IO V2.5.4 Full Active (Password:

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