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[Tutorial] PLC Omron – How to setup IO Table

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Hi everybody !

Probably people are no stranger to PLC Omron, it is a PLC that is easy to find in any factory or machine, especially small machines.

However, when programming it, many people do not know how to reconfigure the Input / Output address according to their preference but must use the default address of the self-configuring software >
ery inconvenient

So today I am writing this tutorial to guide you to configure I / O address according to your wishes, hope this video can help you install it easily.

>>> You can see the video of how to configure the Address / Ouput PLC Omron with the CX-Programer here :

>>> Download CX-Programer PLC Omron Software

Note : This I / O table configuration feature is only available in high-end PLCs such as CJ1M / CJ1G / CJ2M …

If you have any questions or questions about the Omron PLC or CX-One software, please comment below, I will answer you as soon as you read the question !

>>> Thanks for following the article ^^

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