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[Omron PLC] Programing Tutorial – Lesson5 : “Set/Release Password”

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Hi everybody !

Today I am going to make a video on how to lock / unlock PLC Omron program using CX-Programer software. Help people keep their program secure in some cases

The work is very simple, you do it very quickly in less than 1 minute is finished ^^. Details in the video below :

Link Download PLC Omron Software : Download CX-Programer V9.61

Note : I also get unlocked program locked with all OMRON PLC series for $ 40 once. If you need to unlock please comment below the article or contact me via the contact page, I will contact you immediately.

Thanks .

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  • Would like to unlock CJ1M-CPU12 , having problems with the PLC operation , and local agent does not have ability to identify problem, Would be helpful to see the ladder operation , to see where the bug is that is preventing operation

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