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[Keyence PLC] Programing Tutorial – Lesson3 : “Data Storage Processing”

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In the previous article, I taught people to create new projects and use basic commands and shortcuts to program

Today I am instructing everyone to handle data storage with PLC Keyence

The data storage processing is extremely useful for machines with many types of models, it helps us to enter the data only once, after changing the model and returning to the old model, all old data are automatically called

I personally process data storage for the servo motor with each model 😀

  • You can see the video processing data storage below :

>>> Link Download Sample Code + Software (Google Drive) :

+ Download Code PLC Keyence Lesson-3

+ Download File HMI Keyence Lesson-3

+ Download KV-Studio Software For PLC Keyence

+ Download VT-Studio Software For HMI Keyence

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