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[Keyence-Code] Modbus / Switching / Procedure Communication

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Hello !

Going back to the series of articles about sample code to solve common problems today, I would like to share 3 problems :

Link Download Keyence PLC Software : Download KV-Studio

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  • Hi there Admin. My name is Gledson Costa, and I’m having an issue to a machine we own. I know it’s kind awkward, but programmers are overpricing services here in our country, so I need help cause this pandemic is really making us almost quitting. So please help me if is possible. I need to communicate an old CP1L Sysmac already configured to the machine, to a New NX1P2, cause a eletrical discharge burnt our old R88A, so the upgrade was to use the new NX controller and a new servodriver R88D, but I’m not a programmer so, is it possible to use serial COMM to make the CP1L master and NX Slave to continue using the original programming? Well I know you’re not obligated to nothing, so just think about it as a challenge maybe. Or just a kindness in your good heart. Thank you anyways.

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