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[Download] TIA PORTAL_V15_SP1 – Win 10,8,7 [Real 100%]

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The TIA Portal V15 version is the latest version now launched by Siemens at the end of 2017. Programming languages ??LAD, FBD, SCL, STL, GRAPH are fully supported to help programming engineers to be flexible. Activates programming language selection for the system controller.

  • Highlights:
    1- Covering 4 levels of management automation pyramid, operating level, control level and school level.
    2- Synthesis of all the necessary tools.
    3- Friendly interface, easy to use.
    4- Compatible with the latest operating systems.

+ Question : Is it necessary to download and install all files in the TIA Portal?

>>> Answer : No! Based on the needs and components of the installer, you select the file to download and install to your computer. For example, to program PLC, just download Step 7 professional is enough. Oh remember to download the file EKB_U.N.L.0.C.K too guys: D.

Question : I just installed TIA V14, does it need to remove V14 to reinstall TIA V15?

>>> Answer: The new version is different from the old version in that there will be new hardware updates. Therefore, if your computer is weak and you are afraid to reinstall the new version, just update HSP (Hardware Support Packages). However, I still recommend installing the latest version because it will fix the errors that the old version encountered.

+ Question : Can TIA V15 open projects of the previous version?

>>> Answer: From TIA V13 SP1 onwards (V14, V14 SP1), you can open directly from TIA V15 (must upgrade project). Previous versions of TIA V13 SP1 (TIA V11,12 …) must be upgraded to V13 SP1 before being opened with TIA V15.1. Please download the TIA V13 SP1 version here.

  • You install the following steps:

+ Step 1 : Setup TIA Portal V15

+ Step 2 : Setup “Simatic_S7-PLCSIM_V15

+ Step 3 : Run File Sim_EKB_Install_2017_12_24_TIA15

Update: Download Automation License Manager V6 SP8 (Compulsory Upgrade)

( Update : New SIM_EKB_Install 2020 Download Here )

>>> Finish 😀

If there are any other questions, please comment below the article or mail me, I will try to answer in 24h ^^

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