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[Download] Proteus Professional V8.8 Software (Real 100%)

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Proteus is software for drawing and designing electrical circuits. It also allows users to draw circuit principle and simulate activities, draw PCB printed circuit. Proteus has gone through many versions, the recent versions being proteus 8.6, 8.7 and then the latest version Proteus 8.8. Proteus 8.8 software with powerful new features and completely breakthrough compared to the previous versions. The Proteus 8.8 version I introduce to you here is limited to Key until 2080. And has been Fix error to launch the application after a short time of use.

  • Proteus 8.8 software is quite light and runs on most computers and operating systems today :

+ Operating System : Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64bit)

+ CPU : 2GHz or more

+ RAM : 2GB or more

+ Disk : 500MB or more

  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step 1 : Download the Proteus software and the Patch file

+3 : Go to Proteus Pro folder and run File Setup

+4 : Select I accept the terms of this agreement and select Next as shown below

+5 : Select Use a locally installed lincense key

+6 : Choose Next

+7 : Choose Browse For Key File then Select Licence.lxk (
in the Patch folder ) then click Open

Select Install and then click Yes

+9 : Close

+10 : Choose Next

+11 : Select Custom

+12 : Choose a file location then Next

+13 : Here you can select the programs you want to install

+14 : Next Continue

+15 : Select Install to begin the installation process

+16 : We wait for the installation process to take a few minutes, after the installation is completed, select Close

  • Step 17 : Open the Patch Proteus folder

+18 : Run file P8.8.sp1.exe with Administrator rights (
The tool will run automatically, you do not need to do anything. Wait for about 5 seconds and perform the step below )

+19 : Copy the BIN folder to the Copy the BIN folder here (Select replace old folder as the picture)

+20 : Copy the MODELS folder to the Copy the MODELS folder here (Select replace old folder as the picture)

>>> OK ! Done . Now proceed to open the software and work (we have a software term until 2080 ^^)

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive – Fast Download Speed) :

+ Download Proteus Professtional V8.8 Software.RAR

+ Download Patch Protues

If you have any problems during the download or installation of the software, please contact me! Thank you ^^

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