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[Download] Altium Library Free Download

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Altium Designer is the most popular electrical circuit design software today

Currently I see on the web, there is no set of altium libraries built for common components and 3d components, so I share my newly built library. Altium is one of the most powerful and popular electronic circuit drawing software in the world. In addition to good support for drawing circuits, Altium also supports the circuit management, extracting component statistics files.

With this set of Altium libraries, we hope to make it easier for you to design electrical circuits. After downloading the Altium Library, you Import the library into the software by:

+ Press D B to bring up the tab libraries

+ Click the Libraries button, the Available Libraries window appears, click the Installed tab, and then click install

+ Select the path to the library leg components .PcbLib extension, then select and press OK is done

>>> Download Altium Library Free.RAR

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