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[DIY-Cable] PLC/HMI-Panasonic Connecting PC

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Hello friends !

PLC-Panasonic we often encounter in small machines, especially packaging machines. However, there are many cases where the machine using the old PLC/HMI does not support USB port. It only supports RS-232 port

So today I am going to show everyone how to make Panasonic cable so that it can be used to connect to PLC when needed or simply save cost.

  • Things to prepare :

+ 5 pin mini din port

or ps2 jack (old mouse / keyboard jack remove one leg)

+ DB9-Female Port

  • Cable making guide :

>>> The cable you solder according to the connection diagram below

+ Link Download Panasonic PLC Software Free

+ Instructional video for downloading program using FP.WIN-GR software

If you make a cable but can’t connect the program, or have any questions about making other cables, please comment duwois article. Thanks

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  • hello there, i have a machine that has panasonic plc(fp0r-c16t), it has two communication port on it (serial and usb) the serial port was used to connect the plc to hmi. please which of the communication port can be use to connect the plc to my computer for me to upload and download.?

    and too which programming cable can be use to established connection, can the serial cable used to connect to connect the hmi also be use for programming too?

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