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[Unlock] PLC LS Master-K GLOFA-GM6 Password Reader

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LG / LS Master-K and GLOFA-GM6 PLCs are PLCs we quite often encounter in Korean machines, for some reason the PLC has a password and we have to work with them.

plc4me.com provides LS password unlock software for many series Master-K200S, Master-K120S, Master-K80S, Master-K60H, Master-K10S1, GLOFA-GM6 CPU_A, …

Note: The software only works on Windows-XP

I sell software for $ 60 paid through Paypal

( The software can be installed on any computer, you can buy and sell to others )

Feel free to contact me by commenting below posts or email

Email: founder.plc4me@gmail.com

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