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[Download] Unlock “ZEN-OMRON” Software

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Hi everybody !

ZEN-OMRON is the smallest and simplest mechanical PLC of the company. Some programmers, however, lock passwords for a variety of reasons

So today I would like to share to everyone ZEN-OMRON unlock software completely free

  • Instructions for installing and using the software (Download link below the article)

+ Step 1 : Download and extract the software

+ 2 : Open the extracted folder and run the setup file

+ 3 : Click OK

+ 4 : Select the installation directory and then click on the computer icon to install the software

+ 5 : Click Continue

+ 6 : The software installation process will take place very quickly, after successful installation, select OK

+ 7 : Proceed to open the software

+ 8 : Select the connection port by clicking Menu> Select Cong> Cong 1,2,3,4 (corresponding to port 1,2,3,4)

+ 9 : Then click Start to have the software scan the password, from a few minutes to several dozen minutes

>>> Link Download Software :

+ Download Unlock ZEN OMRON Software.RAR

Thanks for reading .

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