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[Download] SIMATIC Automation Tool V3.1 (Real 100%)

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SIMATIC Automation Tool – Is a Siemens PLC configuration tool without TIA Portal software.

When implementing an automation project, customers do not always have a computer installed with TIA Portal for us to interfere with the remote PLC. As we know, the most basic TIA Portal is also quite heavy (around 5GB) and requires a powerful machine configuration. So not all computers can install this software.

This software is very light (about 300MB), this is a tool to help us communicate with the PLC and perform some basic operations. Especially on the client side, they do not need to install TIA Portal software to handle the situation.

  • Features that SIMATIC Automation Tool can perform:

+ Scan the PROFINET / Ethernet network and identify the connected devices in the network.

+ Flash the device’s LED or HMI screen to locate the device.

+ Create a table that maps the accessible devices on the network

+ Addressing (IP, subnet, gateway) and station name (PROFINET device)

+ Real time synchronization on PLC with time on your PC.

+ Download the program to the PLC (V3.1 or higher versions with failsafe support) and HMI.

+ Switch the RUN / STOP mode on the PLC.

+ PLC memory reset.

+ Backup / Restore PLC or HMI as backup file (V3.1 or newer supports failsafe)

+ Upload service data from PLC (data is recorded when PLC is faulty)

+ Read diagnostics from the PLC.

+ Firmware upgrade in PLC and attached modules.

+ Upload, download, or delete Recipe data (stored on a memory card) from the PLC

+ Upload or delete Data log (stored on memory card) from PLC

+ Store and save network information (network) as:

Text file .csv or .Sat file with password protected and encrypted

+ API support for creating .NET applications based on the features available in SIMATIC Automation Tool

  • Watch the video on how to use the Automation Tool here

  • Software installation video (Download link below the article)
  • Instructions for installing the software with detailed images:

+ Step 1: Download the software and extract it then into the Automation Tool folder

+ 2: Run the software installation file

+ 3: Choose the setup language

+ 4: Click Next to continue

+ 5: Choose Installation Language

+ 6: Choose Destination Location

+ 7: Accept all license terms

+ 8: Accept security

+ 9: Select Install to start the install section

+ 10: Wait for the software to install momentarily

+ 11: Restartmays your computer when the installation process is finished

+ 12: Go to SIM_EKB_Install folder after Restart PC

+13: Run SIM_EKB_Install software with adminstrator rights

+ 14: Follow the steps in the order shown below


>>> Link Download Software ( Google Driver – Fast For Download )

+ Download SIMATIC Automation Tool V3.1 Software.RAR

+ Download SIM_EKB_Install Software.RAR

Update: Download Automation License Manager V6 SP8(Compulsory Upgrade)

Password Extract:

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