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[Download] MikroC-PRO “PIC Programing Software” (Real 100%)

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Just like CCS for PIC, you can also use Micro C to program PIC

+ MikroC compiler is a quite powerful tool to support programming for devices using the PIC microcontroller

+ Growing with the number of hardware and libraries increasing

+ Intuitive, user friendly IDE

+ Features, professional working environment is the result of more than 15 years of improved research by a team of experts.

  • Guide to patch software

After the installation is complete, copy the crack file “HIDDongleDLL.dll” and then paste it into the folder where the mikroC software is installed. This will usually be the default at :

“C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Mikroelektronika \ mikroC PRO for PIC”

>>> Link download Software ( Google Drive ) :

+ Download MikroC-PRO PIC Software.RAR

You can also download CCS for PIC software here

If the download link has a problem, please comment below the article !

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