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[Download] KEIL-C V4 & V5 “8051 & AVR Programing Software” (Real 100%)

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KEIL-C is extremely famous and popular software for programming C for 8051 microprocessor and AVR. It has been trusted by millions of programming engineers around the world .

After you download the KeilC-5 software, you will extract the KeilC V5 folder. There are 3 folders in KeilC V5 folder. ARM, Cr@ck and Keil 8051

To use AVR programming, go to the AVR folder and run the installation file mdk511.exe

  • To use programming 8051 you follow the instructions in the image below :

+ Step1 : Go to the keil-8051 folder and run the setup file

+ 2 : Select I agree all the term…

+ 3 : Selection Folder Install then Next

+ 4 : Enter user information

+ 5 : The installation process is finished, you uncheck all 3 items and then click Finish

+ 6 : Open Software and click License Management

+ 7 : Select as shown below to get the Computer ID Number

+ 8 : Open the cr@ck folder and extract it, then run the keygen.exe file

+ 9 : Enter the Computer ID Number obtained in step 7, select the processor line you want to work with the software, and select Generate

+ 10 : Copy the Keygen code

+ 11 : Then Paste as the image below is done

+ Installing the Keil-C V5 software for AVR is similar

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive) :

+ Download KEIL-C V4 & V5 Full.RAR

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