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[Download] FR-Configurator2 Mitsubishi Inverter Software (Real 100%)

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Hello! There have been a lot of people texting to asking to upload FR-Configurator2 software because there are almost no online searches. So today I would like to share with all of Mitsubishi’s latest FR-Configurator2 Full CD

  • This package includes the following software:

+ FR-Configurator SW3: Used for inverters A700, D700, E700, F700

+ FR-Configurator2 1.03D

+ FR-Configurator2 1.13P

+ FR-Configurator2 1.15R

>>> FR-Configurator2 software is used to configure all A-800 Series and A-8 Series inverters

FR-Configurator2 V1.15R is the latest version to support Mitsubishi’s latest inverter models

To configure the Offline drive, select the following path: Tool >> Developer

>>> Link Download Software ( GoogleDrive – Easy for Download )

+ Download FR-Configurator2 Mitsubishi Inverter Software Part1

+ Download FR-Configurator2 Mitsubishi Inverter Software Part2

Note: If you only need to work with older inverter models such as A700, D700, E700, F700, please download the FR-Configurator SW3 software because it is very lightweight.

+ Download FR-Configurator SW3 at here

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