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[Download] GX Works2 V1.610L (New Version 2023)

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Hello everyone!
Today I would like to share to everyone the GX-Works2 V1.610L software which is the new version

GX-Works2 is a software upgraded and replaced by Mitsubishi for GX Developer with a nicer visual interface, smooth operation and support for other programming languages ​​such as FBD (Function Block Diagram), SFC. (Sequential Function Chart)

GX-Works2 Software Installation Guide

+ Step 1: Download the software (Link to download at the end of the article) and extract it with the password “”

+ Step 2: Run file “autorun.exe”

+ Step 3: Click on “GX Works2”

+ Step 4: Select “OK” at this step

+ Step5: Enter Key “095-394462924”

+ Step 6: Wait for the installation to take place in a few minutes

+ Step7: Software installation is completed, select “Finish”

+ Step 8: We already have the software GX Works2 V1.610L

Software Download Link (GoogleDrive Link)

>>> Mitsubishi GX-Works 2 Software Download

Backup Link:

>>> Mitsubishi-GX-Works2-Software-Download

Password Extract:

If the download link is broken, please comment below the article, will fix the link as soon as it reads the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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