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[Download] WideField R3.1 “Yokogawa PLC Software” (Real 100%)

PLC Yokogawa is a Japanese PLC company, although it is not as common as other PLC firms, its quality is also quite good and meets all the requirements of industrial systems.

Many engineers who come into contact with this PLC have a hard time finding software. So today I share the WideField R3.1 software which is the latest programming software of Yokogawa

  • Installation video tutorial (Download link at the end of the article) :
  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step 1 : Download the software and proceed to extract it

+ 2 : Go to the software installation directory as the image below

+ 3 : Choose languge then Next

+ 4 : Next

+ 5 : Click I accept the terms of the license agreement then Next

+ 6 : Go back to the unzipped folder and open the CD-Key file and proceed to Copy Key into the installation process

The installation process has completed . We have “WideField R3.1” Software

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive – Fast Download Speed) :

+ Download WideField R3.1 Yokogawa Software.RAR

+ Download WideField3 Manual.PDF

If you have any problems during the download or installation of the software, please contact me! Thank you ^^

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