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[Download] TK-6071iP Software for Windows10,8,7 (GoogleDrive)

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Hello everyone today I would like to share with you Hint design software of Weintek that is EasyPro_Builder V6.04, this is the latest version up to the present time.

This software supports all of Weintek’s HMI models, but if you want to work with Chinese-specific HMIs such as TK-6070 / 71iP then you need to change the computer language as well as the language. The software follows the instructions below:

+ Step1: Go to Control Panel

+ Step2: Select Clock and Region

+ Step3: Chose Change location

+ Step4: Select Change system … as shown below

+ Step5: You select Chinese (Simpified, China) and then restart the computer

+ Step6: Proceed to install the software and also select the Chinese language as shown below

After installing the software, we can work with HMI TK-6071iP

  • Instructions for installing software with Video

>>> Link Download Software (GoogleDrive – Fast for download )

+ Download TK-6071iP Software for Windows10,8,7

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