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[Download] Symbol_Factory_3 icon HMI/SCADA (Pro_Version)

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SymbolFactory 3.0 software is the latest version available. It supports extremely rich, diverse library of libraries for HMI / SCADA design

In this version, the software is upgraded completely new compared to versions 2.0 and 2.5. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and an extensive library, the software will satisfy even the most demanding people.

# Operating system support : Windows-XP, Windows-7, Windows-8, Windows-10

  • Video on installing and using the software on Windows10 (Download software link at the bottom of the article)
  • Installation instructions by image

+ Step 1 : Download and extract the software

+ Step 2 : Run the Symbol_Factory_Universal file and select Install

+ 3 : Click Next

+ 4 : Select I accept the terms of the license agreement then Next

+ 5 : Enter user information

+ 6 : Select Complete then Next

+ 7 : Select Install to begin the installation process

+ 8 : The installation process is completed and select Finish

+ 9 : Copy file SF3Engine.dll in the extracted directory

+ 10 : Go to the SymbolFactory3 software installation directory

Paste the copied file and select Replace

Now enjoy software

>>> Link Download Software (GoogleDrive – Easy for download) :

+ Download Symbol_Factory_3 Software.RAR

Password extract :

# Other versions of the software :

+ SymbolFactory Version 2.0 : Download Here

+ SymbolFactory Version 2.5 : Download Here

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