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[Download] MX OPC Server 6.10 Mitsubishi (GoogleDrive)

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  • Introducing MX OPC Server:

MX OPC Server is a Mitsubishi I/O data access driver and Alarm/Event providing interface and communication protocol between Mitsubishi hardware and process control software.
Integrated flexibility and ease of use: OLE for Process Control (OPC) V3.00

  • MX OPC Server includes the following components:

+ MX OPC Configurator

+ MX Runtime

  • MX RunTime provides the following functions:

+ OPC features

+ Automatically create data blocks

+ Provide local configuration and control

+ Support telephone modem communication

+ Toggle personal device, data block and Tag

+ Provide QuickFail Logic

+ Provide latch data

+ Provide date and time for data and alerts

+ Provide writing down the blocks

+ Support array elements and read bits

+ Provides advanced diagnostic features

+ MX Component

  • MX OPC Configurator provides the following features:

+ Connect to IO server

+ Statistics View displays the state of IO when it is running

+ Configuration View shows hardware intervention, data block and Tag process

+ Monitor View: monitor real-time status

  • The OPC server has been tested with a range of client software. The table below shows which data types are supported by each one
  • Detailed software installation instructions:

+ Step1: Download the software and extract it with password

+ Step2: Go to the MXOPCServer610 folder

+ Step3: Run File Setup and select Install

+ Step4: Agree to the software terms of use

+ Step5: Open the Key_Number file and proceed to enter the Key when asked

+ Step6: Choose Next

+ Step7: Select Install to start the software installation and wait a few minutes

+ Step8: When the installation process completes, select Finish

Open the software and you can work with it forever ^^

>>> Link Download OPC Software (GoogleDrive – Fast for Download):

+ Download MX OPC Server 6.10 Mitsubishi Software.RAR

Password Extract Software:


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