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[Download] LOGO Web Editor Siemens

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Hello everyone!

A lot of people emailed asking to upload the Siemens LOGO_Web_Editor software, so today would like to share this software with you.

LOGO! Web Editor: The web editor is used with the LOGO programming kit. Base Module (BM) and LOGO programming software! Soft Comfort. This tool helps you create user-defined websites in: Editor and visually see the entire project through LOGO’s Web server! Base Module. With Logo! Web editor, you can:

+ Integrating various components.

+ Customize personal websites.


LOGO! Base Module: LOGO! 8 6ED1052-xxx08-0BA0.


Software LOGO_Web_Editor supported with the operating system:

+ Windows 32 & 64 bit, including Windows 7 and Window 10.

+ Mac OS, including 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11.

+ Linux Suse, 11.3 sp3, kernel 3.0.76.


Software supports browser with the following types of web browsers that support HTML5:

+ Microsoft Internet Explorer with version 10.0 or higher

+ Mozilla Firefox with version 11.0 or higher

+ Google Chrome with a minimum version of 16.0

+ Apple Safari with a minimum version of 5.0

Link to download LOGO_Web_Editor software

>>> Download LOGO_Web_Editor software.RAR

Password Extract:


You can also download the latest LOGO programming software here

+ Download LOGO! Soft Comfort-V8.2.1 Siemens

If you have any problems during the download and installation process, please comment below the article

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