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[Download] Factory-IO Simulator PLC Software (Real 100%)

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Factory-IO software is a simulation software used in PLC system simulation and training in PLC programming skills

Factory-IO has the following advantages :

+ 3D interface, diverse viewing angles (supports the 1st perspective as action games)

+ Connect various real PLC types : Siemens , ABB , Schnejder…

+ Designing and constructing factories with more than 30 types of components and more than…

+ Describe a virtual factory system with sensors and actuators (analog or digital signals).

+ Mark fault (pan) short circuit or open circuit, suitable for teaching for teachers.

  • Factory-IO systems can be built :

+ Classification of goods by size

+ Automatic warehouse

+ Arrange goods on pallets

+ Weighing station, buffer station

+ Transporting goods by elevator

+ …

>>> Link Download Software ( Google Drive ) :

+ Download Factory-IO Simulator PLC Software.RAR

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