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[DIY-Cable] PLC OMRON Programing Cable for CJ/CS/CQ-Series

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Hi everybody .

PLC Omron is one of the oldest and famous Japanese PLC firms, so we often encounter it at work

If you do not have the conditions (financial, time, …) to buy programming cables for PLC Omron CS series, you can solder yourself PLC programming cable via COM port according to its instructions.

If the laptop does not have an RS232 COM port, an additional USB-COM converter can be used.

  • Things to prepare :

+ DB9-Male Jack

+ DB9-Female Jack

>>> Welding diagram of PLC OMRON programming cable

+ Choose the connection type is “1:N connections” in CX-ONE software

+ Select the connection type as “Peripheral Bus serial communications” in CX-ONE software

OK Done . You just do as the diagram will certainly be connected offline, if you have any questions please comment below the article !

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