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[Sample Code]”PLC Keyence” Auto Machine 4 – High Speed Machine

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Today I share with you the actual video of the code for a production line of electrical connectors. This machine has a very high running speed, produced with a speed of about 0.56s / 1 product. The machine uses PLC and HMI Keyence.

HMI simple design but extremely beautiful and scientific!

PLC uses enough applications for you to learn :

+ Multi-axis control : 20-servo range and step types of pulse control with pulse port of CPU KV-3000 and 4-axis pulse generator KV-H40S

+ Counting extremely high speed with the module counting extremely high speed with Module KV-SC20V

+ Connecting the Visison Keyence Camera control

+ Use Phase Z to read directly the position from the Encoder of Servo

+ Use Oriental Motor’s Step

  • The actual video of the machine when running automatically :

>>> You can download the program from the link below :

+ Download Code PLC Auto Machine4

+ Download File Design HMI Auto Machine4

( Note : After downloading the PLC software, you need to convert the software language into Japanese to read the program. See the instructions here )

  • Software for those who do not have :

+ KV-Studio For PLC Keyence

+ VT-Studio For HMI Keyence

+ SigmaWin-Plus7 For Yaskawa Servo

If you encounter any problems during the download process, or if you have any questions about the program, please comment below the article or ask me through the contact page.

Best regards !

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