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[Sample Code] PLC Keyence Auto Machine 3 – Good Design Machine

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Hello everyone !

Continuing the series of sharing the Keyence automatic model program, today I continue to share with everyone an automatic machine with an extremely beautiful design, its components work extremely smoothly and efficiently.

>>> You can see the actual video of the device here :

The PLC and HMI Keyence machine together with Panasonic servo, Vision Keyence system and many other devices as shown below :

  • You can download the program from the link below :

+ Download Code PLC Auto Machine3

+ Download File Design HMI Auto Machine3

( Note : After downloading the PLC software, you need to convert the software language into Japanese to read the program. See the instructions here )

  • Software for those who do not have :

+ KV-Studio For PLC Keyence

+ VT-Studio For HMI Keyence

+ Download Panaterm V6 For Servo Panasonic

If you have any questions, please ask questions, I will reply as soon as possible!

Best regards

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