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Historically, SCADA systems have been separate non-Internet-connected systems that provide the “command and control” for critical infrastructure. With the advent of technology and the desire to implement this technology to make communications and support easier and faster, SCADA systems have evolved into being very much like your typical offce network. One of the challenges though is that the mentality concerning SCADA system security hasn’t always been embraced.

Some organizations still don’t understand that the threat to SCADA systems has dramatically increased over the last several years due to these network-like connections. “Security by obscurity” is no longer an option for SCADA security

– This book consists of 8 chapters:

+ Chapter 1 • Physical Security: SCADA and the Critical Infrastructure’s Biggest Vulnerability

+ Chapter 2 • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

+ Chapter 3 • SCADA Security Assessment Methodology

+ Chapter 4 • Developing an Effective Security Awareness Program

+ Chapter 5 • Working with Law Enforcement on SCADA Incidents

+ Chapter 6 • Locked but Not Secure: An Overview

+ Chapter 7 • Bomb Threat Planning: Things Have Changed

+ Chapter 8 • Biometric Authentication for SCADA Security

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