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As a companion to the textbook, Modern Control Systems by Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. Bishop, this supplement provides a set of comprehensive tutorials and exercises utilizing the LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module. NI LabVIEW is a graphical and textual language for prototyping real control and signal processing systems enabling a seamless flow from simulation to deployment on real-time control hardware. This text guides students through the process of modeling a system, analyzing the model to build a controller, and validating the robustness of the control system thorough simulation. Its contents and organization mirror the corresponding sections in MCS making it an ideal teaching companion, especially when LabVIEW is being utilized in a corresponding controls laboratory


+ Chapter 1: Mathematical Models of Systems

+ Chapter 2: State Variable Models

+ Chapter 3: Feedback Control System Characteristics

+ Chapter 4: Performance of Feedback Control Systems

+ Chapter 5: Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

+ Chapter 6: Root Locus Method

+ Chapter 7: Frequency Response Methods

+ Chapter 8: Stability in the Frequency Domain

+ Chapter 9: Design of Feedback Control Systems

+ Chapter 10: Design of State Variable Feedback Systems

+ Chapter 11: Robust Control Systems

+ Chapter 12: Digital Control Systems

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