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[PDF] Cyber-Security of SCADA and Other Industrial Control Systems – Ebook Free

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The term Industrial Control System (ICS) refers to a variety of systems comprised of computers, electrical and mechanical devices, and manual processes overseen by humans; they perform automated or partially automated control of equipment in manufacturing and chemical plants, electric utilities, distribution and transportation systems and many other industries. This book will help you better understand that

# Book rights have 16 chapters, including:

+ Chapter 1: Introduction and Preview

+ Chapter 2: Components of Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 3: Wireless Infrastructure in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 4: Operational Technology and Information Technology in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 5: Threats in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 6: Attacks on Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 7: Security Taxonomies of Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 8: Cyber Risk in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 9: Security Metrics in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 10: Situational Awareness in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 11: Intrusion Detection in Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 12: Cyber Physical Intrusion Detection

+ Chapter 13: Experimental Methods for Control System Security Research

+ Chapter 14: Governance and Assessment Strategies for Industrial Control Systems

+ Chapter 15: Responding to Attacks on Industrial Control Systems and SCADA Systems

+ Chapter 16: In Conclusion: The Future Internet of Things and Security of Its Control Systems

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