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[Download] Visual Studio 2019 Professional + Enterprise (GoogleDrive)

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1. What is Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as websites, web applications and web services.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 is currently the latest version. Allows software developers and web developers to develop computer programs, as well as websites. It also supports programming languages ​​like C, C ++, VB.NET, C #, Python, Ruby, XML / XSLT, HTML / XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. Smart code editors support component completion, code discovery, integrated debugging, design of patterns and other advanced tools commonly used during development. This is a great tool for learning and for app developers

Visual Studio 2019 has 3 versions, I recommend using the Professional or Enterprise version:

+ Visual 2019 Community: Free IDE, for students and individuals without funding and it is less functional

+ Visual 2019 Professional: Professional development tools, services, and subscription benefits for small groups

+ Visual 2019 Enterprise: The most advanced and fully functional version

>>> Website plc4me.com shares with you the free version of Professional and Enterprise

2. Detailed software installation instructions

+ Step 1: Download the software at the end of the article and then proceed to extract the software (I will install the Professional version template, the same installation of EnterPrise)

+ Step 2: Run the installation file and select Run

+ Step3: Click Continue at this step

+ Step 4: You choose the components, languages, platforms you need. Then click Install to proceed with the installation.

+ Step 5: Wait for the software to download and install for a few tens of minutes

+ Step 6: After the installation process has finished you select Restart your computer (required)

+ Step 7: After restarting your computer, open the software

+ Step 8: In this step, you choose: Not now, maybe later

+ Step 9: Here you select the interface you want. Then choose Start Visual Studio

+ Step 10: Select Continue without code

+ Step 11: Please select Help and then select Register Product as shown below

+ Step 12: Select Unlock with a Product Key as shown below

+ Step 13: Open the Key file and proceed to enter the KEY according to the instructions below

+ Step 14: The screen shown below is that you have successfully activated the software

Open the software and work with it ^^

>>> Link Download Software ( GoogleDrive – Fast Speed Download )

+ Download Visual Studio 2019 Professional.RAR

+ Download Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise.RAR

If the download link is broken or you have problems during the installation process, please contact me. Thanks

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