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[Download] Solidworks 2007 “Support Win-7,Win-10” (Real 100%)

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Solidworks software is one of the best and most popular 2D and 3D drawing software available.

Solidworks has been the standard software for many companies around the world. Solidworks was developed by Dassault Systèmes software firm Solidworks Corp, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, SA (Vélizy, France). Solidworks is a direct competitor to Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge.

Although Solidworks 2007 version has been released for a long time, it is an extremely stable version, does not require high configuration PC but still meets most of the user needs.

Solidworks 2007 along with AutoCad 2007 are the best versions that according to the majority of users, it is also a direct competitor of each other ^^

( Note : You can download AutoCad-2007 here )

  • Installation video tutorial (Download link at the end of the article) :
  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step 1 : Download and proceed to extract Solidworks 2007

+ 2 : Go to the unzipped folder and run the swlauncher.exe file and select Install SolidWorks

+ 3 : Select Next at this step

+ 4 : Select SolidWorks and then click Next

+ 5 : Select Destination Folders

+ 6 : Open the file []Serial-Key.txt and copy the Serial Number

Similarly we proceed to copy Reg Code

+ 7 : Click Next

+ Step 8 : Go to this step, select Yes, I want to participate (RECOMMENED) and then Next

+ 9 : Select Install to begin the installation process

The installation process will take a few minutes

+ 10 : When the installation process completes, select Finish

Note: Windows will automatically install additional software that supports SolidWorks as the image below

You wait a few minutes until this is displayed, you do not select “Run SolidWorks now” and then click Done

+ Step 11 : Go to the Cr@ck folder

+ 12 : Proceed to run sw2007cr.exe and click find file by clicking “” as the image below

+ 13 : Go to C>>Program Files (x86)>>SolidWorks and select the file sldappu.dll

+ 14 : Select Start to conduct the Cr@ck software, this process only takes a few seconds

Displayed as the image below is successful (no one has failed ^^)

OK, Done! Now we proceed to open the software and enjoy the results 😀

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive with ads) :

+ Download Solidworks 2007 CAD Software.RAR

If there are any problems during the installation process please comment below the post
Thanks for visiting website ^^

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